Daddyofive Videos Pulled From YouTube

Daddyofive Videos Pulled From YouTube

Playing tricks is not a rare strategy to attract clicks on YouTube. In fact, a few years ago, these filmed farces were extremely popular on the platform. The trend quickly faded when several internet users realized that it was only faked shots .

Like jokes, children also generate clicks on YouTube. Clicks, so money. We saw the popularity of the phenomenon with Jimmy Kimmel, who invites the parents to each Halloween to play a trick to their little ones by telling them that they ate all their sweets. The reactions are strong, it makes the web laugh and it is viral every time.

A YouTube channel has launched into web entertainment with a slightly different hook on pranks. Every day, Daddyofive shares a new video highlighting her family life. Some videos present crafts or games, while others are rather “pranks” played on the backs of his children. However, the recent videos of Daddyofive make a lot of reaction to Internet users, who consider that it borders on abuse. 

he most controversial video Daddyofive was published April 12, 2017. It starts with the mother, Heather Martin, who said he wanted to play a trick on his nine year old son Cody, because he has already stained carpet with her The ink in the past. She then uses invisible ink to chicaner her son into thinking that he still stained the carpet.

Get your fucking ass up here, ” screams the mother from the son’s room. ” What the fuck did you do? “.

Undoubtedly that it is a shot to make YouTube laugh, Cody bursts into tears and does not understand what is going on.  Cody’s brother, Alex, is also in tears in the video when seeing his brother getting chicaner so hard.

Internet users have revolted against the family. Many say that it is a form of abuse, others find that parents exploit their children to make money on YouTube. Some people believe that there is even a stubbornness about Cody, and that parents are bullying that could mark him for life because he seems often targeted by his parents’ jokes.

Here are the faces of Cody and Alex when they learn that their parents played them a trick:

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