Trump Will Sort Out North Korea Without China

Trump Will Sort Out North Korea Without China

Washington – Donald Trump said he was willing to “solve” the North Korean problem alone without China’s help, according to a statement published Sunday by the Financial Times , a few days before the visit of Chinese President Xi Jinping .

” If China does not settle [the case of] North Korea, we will do it, ” said the US president with the obvious intention of showing his determination and firmness before receiving Chinese President Xi Jinping on Thursday and Friday, at his private residence in Mar-a-Lago, Florida.

To the question of whether the United States could act alone, without waiting for the help of China, Donald Trump answers ” absolutely ” without giving further details.

” China will decide whether to help us or not with North Korea … If they do not do it, it will not be good for anyone, ” the US president added in an interview with the British financial daily.

” Put pressure on China “

US ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley, said Sunday that the United States intended to ” put pressure ” on China to ” act ” against North Korea’s nuclear arms race .

” The only country that can stop North Korea is China and they know the […] They must act and we will continue to put pressure on China to act ” , she hammered during An interview broadcast Sunday on the American channel ABC.

Donald Trump said on Thursday his Twitter account that the meeting with Xi Jinping would be ” very difficult ” , due in particular to trade disputes between the two great powers.

But ” the most important conversation will be how we will manage the non-proliferation of North Korea ,” Haley said, suggesting a tense stand-off between the two leaders on the North Korean record.

Beijing has already announced the end of its imports of North Korean coal, in accordance with UN sanctions to convince that country to give up its nuclear and ballistic programs.

A measure deemed insufficient by Nikki Haley. ” We know that [coal] comes in by other means. We want to see China’s strong action to condemn North Korea, not just words ” , she added.

Military action?

Since his arrival at the White House, Donald Trump has let the possibility of a military action against North Korea, if the latter refuses to comply.

In early March, the US president said he was ready to use ” all US military capabilities ” to ” counter North Korean ballistic missiles ” .

The military option ” was always on the table ” , said Sunday the former defense minister of Barack Obama, Ashton Carter. ” In 1994, I worked on a plan for a preemptive strike [on North Korea, Ed.] That we did not need. We have these options. We need to retain ” , has he said, also on ABC.

According to him, the reluctance of China to go too far on North Korea is explained by the fear of Beijing to see the Pyongyang regime collapse. ” They are afraid of a collapse of North Korea … which would create a united Korea, allied with the United States, at their borders. “

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