“A terrible and merciless terrorist attack” – Theresa May

“A terrible and merciless terrorist attack” – Theresa May

The suicide bombing that killed at least 22 people, including several children on Monday night, at the end of a Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, United Kingdom, was aimed at making “as many victims as possible”, said The British Prime Minister Theresa May. Many leaders of Western countries have condemned the attack, claimed by the armed Islamic State (EI) group.

“We know that an isolated terrorist has detonated an explosive device at one of the exits of the room, deliberately choosing the place and time to cause as many victims as possible, including many children and young people,” stressed Mrs. May, deploring “a terrible and merciless terrorist attack”.

The terrorist killed himself by firing an explosive device in the lobby of the Manchester Arena at 10:30 pm local time, just minutes after the end of the American pop singer’s concert.

“The police and intelligence services think they know the [assailant’s] identity, but can not confirm his name at this stage,” May said.

“The police and the security services believe that the attack was perpetrated by a single man, but they are trying to determine whether he acted alone or whether he was supported by a group. It will take time to establish the facts and the investigation continues. ”

The police confirmed the arrest of a 23-year-old man in connection with the attack.

The death toll could increase, as many of the 59 injured, who were transported to eight hospitals in the Greater Manchester area, have injuries that threaten their lives.

An 18-year-old student from Lancashire is the first of 22 victims of the attack to be identified. Great admirer of Ariana Grande, Georgina Callander had attended another of her concerts in the same place last year.

“We struggle to understand the twisted mind that sees a room filled with young children not as a scene that one should cherish but as an opportunity for carnage,” the Premier said.

Our values, our country and our way of life will always prevail.

Theresa May
“We are all in solidarity with the citizens of Manchester in this terrible period,” she added. Ms. May thanked the health workers who braved the danger to go and help their colleagues and the citizens who opened their doors to the spectators of the concert who needed shelter.

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