Steve Bannon Donald Trump Troubles Continue

Steve Bannon Donald Trump Troubles Continue

Donald Trump seems to continue to distance himself from his controversial strategic advisor Steve Bannon, a virulent scorn of the “establishment” and the elites that appears increasingly sidelined.

Steve Bannon “is a good guy, but I told them (to my entourage) to reframe it or it is I who will do it,” said the American president in an interview with the newspaper New York Post published Wednesday  .

Steve Bannon, 63, former head of the far-right Breitbart News site, has steered the message of the Republican candidate.

And after Donald Trump’s victory in November, his nomination as a White House policy advisor was decried by anti-racist associations and Democrats.

“I like Steve but you have to remember that he did not arrive until very late in my campaign team,” said Mr. Trump.

“I had already beaten all senators and governors, and I did not know Steve. I am my own strategist and it is not as if I was going to change strategy because I was opposed to “Hillary the Scoundrel,” he added about his rival Democrat Hillary Clinton.

Mr. Bannon suffered a first setback last week when he was dismissed from the influential National Security Council, where generals and ministers overturned major defense and foreign policy issues.

His relations with Donald Trump’s discreet son-in-law, Jared Kushner, who became the US president’s real right arm in recent weeks, have become notoriously bad, according to US media reports.

For the supporters of Stephen Bannon, the “Kushnerians” are an invasive species of “democrats” in the Republican government, which would prevent the president from fulfilling his promises to the popular classes.

Donald Trump spokesman Sean Spicer said on Wednesday that the US president “does not rely on a monolithic group of advisers who say,” You just have to do that and it’s like that That we proceed “.

The White House brings together “a lot of truly talented people, be it Mick Mulvaney … and his understanding of the budget process or Steve’s (Bannon) knowledge of the policies the President campaigned for, or the sagacity In the business of Jared (Kushner), many things are being done to improve the government, to allow the implementation of policies that both protect and grow the economy, “he said In Washington.

“There will, of course, be intense debate. I think it is healthy for the president to be advised and to take final decisions, “concluded the representative of the White House, himself in difficulty after very controversial statements held the day before comparing the president Syrian Bashar al-Assad to Adolf Hitler.

Stephen Bannon, a cultured shadow man, a former business banker and film producer, has rarely been heard since his arrival at the White House. But when he speaks, he does not retain his blows, calling the media “an opposition party” and promising to shake Washington and its “elites.” “Every day will be a fight,” he said in February.

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