Rex Tillerson Says Time To Act On North Korea During UN Meeting

Rex Tillerson Says Time To Act On North Korea During UN Meeting

UNITED NATIONS – US  chief of diplomacy Rex Tillerson put pressure on North Korea on Friday and urged his Chinese ally to economically isolate Pyongyang from nuclear and ballistic missile programs.

The Secretary of State presided over an exceptional ministerial meeting of the 15 countries of the Security Council, where he said that “all options” – including military – were being considered to bend the Kim Jong-un regime, reports the BBC.

Sign of the urgency of the situation for the United States, whose territories like Hawaii or the northwest coast could be within range of North Korean missiles, Rex Tillerson said that “the threat of a nuclear attack north- Korean on Seoul or Tokyo is real “, or even that the communist regime could one day” strike the territory of the United States “.

“All options in response to future provocations must remain on the table,” he said, after President Donald Trump spoke to Reuters on Thursday about the “possibility that we end up having a real conflict With North Korea “.

“Military action” 

Mr. Tillerson stressed the “willingness to thwart the North Korean aggression with military action if necessary,” assuring however that the United States “much preferred a diplomatic solution”. On US public radio NPR, Friday morning, he had reiterated an old proposal for direct dialogue with Pyongyang.

Since 2003, North Korea has been engaged in six-party talks with South Korea, Japan, Russia, the United States and China. These talks had crumbled in 2009 and the administration of Barack Obama (2009-2017) had not stopped, for eight years, to handle the stick of the sanctions and the carrot of a relaunch of the discussions.

But the North Korean regime has increased its ballistic missile shots, even carrying out five underground nuclear tests, including two in 2016. These military programs have earned it a series of UN resolutions and a string of international sanctions. According to UN experts, these punitive measures have had little impact on Pyongyang.

Rex Tillerson UN meeting
Rex Tillerson UN meeting

So it is naturally to China, the main ally of North Korea, that Washington has been turning for years. The Trump administration, which came to power on January 20, is part of the Obama team but seems more determined to put pressure on Beijing.

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