Paul Manafort worked for Putin

Paul Manafort worked for Putin

Former Donald Trump presidential campaigner Paul Manafort has worked secretly for a Russian billionaire to defend the interests of President Vladimir Putin, according to documents obtained by the Associated Press (AP).

Associated Press
Mr Manafort thus devised an ambitious political strategy ten years ago to undermine the opposition to the Kremlin in the former Soviet republics. These revelations seem to contradict MM. Manafort and Trump, who have already stated that he has never been in the pay of Russian interests.

In June 2005, Mr Manafort proposed a confidential strategy to influence the political, business and media spheres in the United States, Europe and the former Soviet republics in favor of the Putin regime.

This plan would have been presented to the Russian aluminum magnate Oleg Deripaska, a member of the close guard of Putin whose fortune is valued at more than 5 billion US dollars by the magazine Forbes . Mr. Manafort and he would have agreed on an annual contract of 10 million US dollars starting in 2006, according to several sources and documents obtained by the PA.

It is not clear what tasks Mr. Manafort carried out under this agreement. He told the Associated Press that his role was only to represent Mr. Deripaska in the countries where he was doing business, and never to defend Russian political interests.

The plan presented by Mr. Manafort involved intensive lobbying by Western governments, the development of “long-term relations” with Western journalists, and several measures to improve the performance of pro-Kremlin political parties in Eastern Europe. In particular, Mr Manafort undertook to reinforce these formations in Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Georgia, while at the same time undermining the opposition.

The US Federal Police is currently investigating the links between Mr. Trump’s campaign team and Russia.

Mr. Manafort chaired Mr. Trump’s presidential campaign between March and August 2016. Mr. Trump asked him to resign when the PA revealed that he had set up a secret lobbying campaign in Washington in 2014 In favor of the political party in power in Ukraine.


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2 thoughts on “Paul Manafort worked for Putin

  1. You shouldn’t have allowed this article to be published. It’s poorly researched, full of unfounded allegations, and borderline slander. If I hadn’t bothered to read more than the headlines, I would’ve walked away believing a crock of lies.

    The headline makes it sound like Manafort worked for Putin by the simple fact that he worked at one point with Deripaska. But if you look at the rest of the article, there’s no proof that by working with Deripaska, this means Manafort worked on behalf of the Kremlin. Manafort and Deripaska have both denied the allegations, by the way.

    I expected more from the AP, but it looks like unfortunately, they’re making themselves open to charges of fake news too.

  2. Tommy has a point. I didn’t expect much from the eOntario now, but it doesn’t take a big city newspaper to just take a FEW MOMENTS to publish the most updated version of this story. For one thing, everyone who’s been slandered in this tale, including Deripaska, has made responses to the allegations. And even though this story has been published weeks later, it’s not taking them into account. Just reprinting old news from the end of March. I suggest you delete this from your website as it’s not accurate anymore, if it ever was.

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