Otto Warmbier’s Death Could Mean War With North Korea

Otto Warmbier’s Death Could Mean War With North Korea

For the Americans and for much of the Western world, the ignoble North Korean regime has fabricated a martyr: Otto Warmbier. This 21-year-old student died yesterday, probably as a result of the ill-treatment he received in the North Korean jails.
No one believes the fable of the botulism he would have contracted and the sleeping pill he would have swallowed. If this regime takes too little care of an American prisoner, one can only shudder from the fate of the other prisoners who populate the secret garden of Kim Jung-Un. Anyway, this tyrant had his half-brother murdered in the middle of the airport. His uncle was tricked, like a hundred other high-ranking officials, if we are to believe the secret services of South Korea.
Warmbier’s alleged crime

Otto Warmbier removed a poster from the wall of his hotel which was stuck to the wall. To put it more correctly, it was a political slogan, a phrase written on a white headband: “Let us arm ourselves strongly thanks to the patriotism of Kim Jung-Il”. In most civilized countries, this kind of theft would have appeared on the student’s hotel bill. At the worst, the police would have given him a ticket. Not in North Korea. Wambier will have paid for his gesture of his life.

After a mock trial that lasted one hour, he was sentenced to fifteen years of forced labor. The disproportion between punishment and “crime” bears witness to unprecedented barbarism. It helps to understand the terror in which the North Koreans live.

A cult of the foul person

This sentence contained the name of Kim Jung-Un’s father. Everything that touches the great leaders is the object of a cult as idiotic as it is repugnant. A few years ago, a house in a North Korean village was inundated by a sudden flood of water. A father of a family had only time to take what he had most valuable: his young child and the photos of the leaders. As he walked in the water toward the mainland, he lost his footing. He found himself incapable of fighting against the current, of holding his child, and bearing the portraits of the dear and revered leaders. What did he sacrifice? His own child. The North Korean regime raised this unworthy father to the rank of national hero.

Why was he released?

Otto Warmbier has certainly suffered terrible mistreatment. He was probably tortured. At the point where this 21-year-old man, though in full health, died. North Korea sent him home because he was going to die and the North Korean government did not want him to die in one of his labor camps. According to North Korean propaganda, the prisoners are very decently treated.

The importance of Otto Wambier

Why talk so much about the case of poor Otto Warmbier? For two reasons.
First, it illustrates very well the danger of the regime of Kim Jung-Un. There is nothing good to expect from this regime of executioners.

Otto Warmbier
Otto Warmbier

Secondly, because a possible war against North Korea is still relevant.
We must listen to the American leaders weigh the terrible decision of a war against North Korea. On the one hand, this war would kill millions. It might be directly in North America. No one knows exactly the biological, chemical or nuclear weapons available to the North Koreans. On the other hand, there is no indication that this regime will improve. On the contrary, it may well be that its dangerousness increases with the years and that the war that the United States hesitate to deliver today is only more terrible tomorrow.

A terrible message

If the United States does not attack North Korea, then Kim Jung-Un will send a terrible message to all the dictatorships of the world: arm yourself with nuclear warheads and the United States will not dare attack you anymore. To the US allies, the message will be similar: the Americans will not defend you if their country runs the slightest risk of being attacked.

The decision to be made by the American leaders will have serious consequences, no matter what it will be.

For the moment, Donald Trump and Rick Tillerson leave another chance for peace and diplomacy, which is fine. The death of Otto Warmbier will haunt the decisions of American leaders. It could also very well serve American propaganda in case of war.

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