North Korea ready for war says defector

North Korea ready for war says defector

SEOUL, March 30 (Yonhap) – The former senior North Korean diplomat in London who defected to South Korea in 2016, Thae Yong-ho, said last Tuesday that “US President Trump is preparing its policies Sanctions and hawks against North Korea, but I believe he wants diplomatic negotiations with Pyongyang. ”

Thae made the statement at a closed meeting organized by the Liberty Party Korea (PLC) on Tuesday, March 28 in the National Assembly. According to the PLC, Thae explained this forecast by saying that “despite the fact that President Trump is talking about a hard line against North Korea, he does not specify his exact policy. If one understands the temperament of Trump, he says what he wants but he is cautious for his policy towards North Korea.

“if one has to travel 100 meters to see the collapse of the North Korean regime, the North Korean state of mind has done 30 Meters. We must educate the North Korean people to finish this 100-meter race, “he added.

By placing the importance on the change of ideas of the people in order to crush the regime Kim Jong-un, Thae evoked the case of the collapse of the Berlin Wall: “It was possible with the change of conscience of the people” , “They (the Germans) thought that there was no future for the communist regime.”

Regarding the possibility of the use of nuclear weapons by Kim Jong-un, the former North Korean diplomat noted that “people say that Kim Jong-un will not use his nuclear weapons anyway but think about the character Of Kim “. “He even executed kinship members and there is no reason why he would hesitate to use them against the South Koreans.”

As for the assassination of his half-brother, Thae explained that “the existence of Kim Jong-nam, the eldest of the family, was a great complex for Kim Jong-un”, in view of the North- Where it is the elder who ensures the succession of power. To the question about Kim Jong-nam’s body in Malaysia, Thae stressed that the North Korean regime does not want the existence and death of Kim Jong-nam to be known to the North Koreans.

If the North Koreans had begun to know the existence of an elder brother of Kim Jong-un, it could have given “trouble to the identity of the Kim Jong-un regime and its legitimacy”. If Kim Jong-nam’s body is buried abroad, it will attract much media attention. “It is better for Kim Jong-nam’s body to be repatriated to North Korea (for the benefit of Kim Jong-un),” observed Thae.

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