North Korea missile launch was a complete failure

North Korea missile launch was a complete failure

On Sunday North Korea failed at its attempt to launch a new missile, the South Korean Defense Minister said in a statement. The information was also confirmed by the Pentagon.

“North Korea has tried to test an unidentified type of missile this morning from the Sinpo area in Hamkyong province, but we believe it failed,” the minister said. Widely expected from the Pyongyang regime, while tension has been at its highest with the United States since President Donald Trump on Thursday asserted his willingness to “treat” the North Korean problem. US forces in the Pacific has detected and tracked what we believe is a North Korean missile shot at 11:21 am Hawaii time (5:21 pm Eastern Time) on April 15, “said Dave Benham, Spokesman for the Pentagon, “but the missile almost immediately exploded,” he added, confirming the

Statements of the South Korean Defense Minister a few minutes earlier.

“The US command in the Pacific remains fully committed to working closely with our allies in South Korea and Japan to maintain security in the region,” the spokesman said.

A representative of the White House said that President Donald Trump “had been informed” of the missed shot.

The missile shot came less than 24 hours after the huge military parade organized by the Pyongyang regime on Saturday for the 105th anniversary of the founding of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK), Kim Il-Sung. Parade in which the North Korean army exhibited some sixty missiles, including what appeared to be a new type of intercontinental ballistic missile.

Pyongyang’s ambitions in the nuclear sector are at the root of growing tension with the United States in recent weeks. President Trump even threatened to act unilaterally on this issue if Beijing, a traditional ally of North Korea, did not succeed in making its turbulent neighbor listen to reason.

In support of these threats, and in response to several recent missile launches from Pyongyang, the United States announced on April 9 that the aircraft carrier Carl Vinson and its squadron of destroyers and missile cruisers Had been ordered to make their way to the Korean Peninsula.

To date, North Korea has signed five nuclear tests in total, the last two in 2016, and recent satellite images seem to show that it would prepare a sixth test.

According to the intelligence services, the Pyongyang regime could dispose of the nuclear weapon and strike the American soil in less than two years.

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