Nancy Pelosi Wants House Return To Debate Syria Missle Strike

Nancy Pelosi Wants House Return To Debate Syria Missle Strike

he vast majority of Democrats denounce American strikes in Syria. But for their leaders, the American response is “proportional” to the “atrocities” committed by the Syrian regime, although they regret that Congress was not consulted as a prelude to this military action.

“Ensuring that Assad knows he must pay the price when he commits atrocities is the right thing to do ,” said Senator Chuck Schumer, leader of the Democratic minority in the Senate. However, he invited the Trump administration to consult the Congress before implementing any strategy. Nancy Pelosi, his alter ego in the House of Representatives, said in a statement that it is “a proportional response to the use by the regime of chemical weapons” .

The same is true of Representative Eliot Engel, member of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Chamber. He had criticized the wait-and-see attitude of Barack Obama in 2013 when the Syrian regime had already used chemical weapons


Total disapproval also on the side of Democrat Tulsi Gabbard, close to Bernie Sanders and who met President Assad in Syria a few months ago, recallsVox .  The elected official considers that the Trump administration acted “unwisely” and that the American strike could lead

“to a nuclear war between the United States and Russia”.

His colleague Ted Lieu, who is a member of the Democratic parliamentarians with military experience, is on the same wavelength. For him, this action is all the more vain because it does not threaten the regime of Bashar al-Assad. “Assad is still in power. What is the purpose of this strike? “ He writes on Twitter. “Is Assad a threat to the security of the United States?” He asks.

President Donald Trump justified these strikes by claiming that they were“directly linked” to the “horrible” events of Tuesday, April 4, 2017. Namely the chemical attack attributed to the Syrian army against the locality of Khan Cheikhoun West of the country), which caused at least 86 deaths including 27 children.

The US intelligence services have determined that the aircraft behind the raid started from al-Chaayrate base, the target of the American strike that occurred on the night of April 6-7, 2017.

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2 thoughts on “Nancy Pelosi Wants House Return To Debate Syria Missle Strike

  1. Last time Republi-CONS tried to dismantle the EPA, Reagan’s Director (Supreme Court Justice Gor-Make me Sick’s Mom) Yes his mom was found in contempt of congress, and forced to resign just 24 months in to her term! Kids all grow up to be like their parents. Did you hear the joke about the truck driver whose brakes were frozen on his trailer in sub degree weather. The company demanded he stay with the truck until he died or pulled (dragged) the trailer with frozen breaks on the freeway 30 miles to trucking company. Hyperthermia set in, he was rescued from the truck near death and got fired! Gorsuch ruled the company had a right to fire him! Bu dump pa. Pretty funny. Get read labors…there’s a new Fascist in town……your screwed! LOL By the way, I am a well paid liberal white-collar worker….I win you lost!

  2. When a politician gets himself in trouble he looks for a convenient distraction. I think trumps friend Putin helped him out with Syria. Drop a few bombs in a safe area no one gets hurt and you get to look like your friend Putin is not your friend. Distraction is the politicians best friend. America loves dropping bombs, look at what bush did in Afghanistan. He blew up some rocks and made a fireworks display that made him look tough. Then it all went downhill from there. We will pay for those misadventures for years to come.

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