London Attack Victim: French Tourist Body Found in Thames

London Attack Victim: French Tourist Body Found in Thames

LONDON ATTACK VICTIM – A third Frenchman is among the victims of the attack in LondonSaturday 3 June, said President Emmanuel Macron on Wednesday. The number of victims of the attack is thus increased to 8 dead and 48 wounded.

“We have confirmed this morning of the new report, there are three deaths and eight wounded on the French side, it is a heavy toll that we pay in these attacks,” said the Head of State from the front porch Of the Elysee.

A body was recovered Tuesday in the Thames by British police who were looking for a French missing person, Xavier Thomas, aged 45.

The British police believed it was possible that Xavier Thomas fell in the Thames after being hit by the van of assailants on the London Bridge. His companion, hit by the van, was seriously injured.

However, the president did not formally confirm Tuesday that it was the third Frenchman who died. The British police then confirmed Wednesday in the early afternoon that the record of the attack in London had increased from seven to eight dead after the body was drafted. And the family of Xavier Thomas told France Info that he was indeed the third French victim of the attack.

French identified among victims Tuesday

Another Frenchman was reported missing on the evening of the attack that hit the British capital. Sébastien Belanger, whose relatives and friends were searching via social networks and calls to witness, was finally identified Tuesday through DNA analysis on one of the bodies found at the scene of the drama.

Originally from Angers, he had lived in London for seven years and worked as a chef. On Saturday night, he and his friends were in a bar in Borough Market, where several people were stabbed.

The attack on London was perpetrated by three terrorists, dead under police bullets on the night of the attack. Two persons remain in custody as part of the investigation . Twelve others arrested on Sunday were also released.

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