Law student caught using invisible: report

Law student caught using invisible: report

LONDON (EON) – A student…actually a law student was caught using invisible ink and a UV light to cheat on an exam.

According to the latest annual report by the Office of the Independent Adjudicator (OIA), a law student was caught red-handed with 24 pages of “unauthorised notes” written in invisible UV ink.

The woman had legitimately taken her law textbook into an exam. However, it had 24 pages of secret notes written throughout it. She used a “black light” attached to her pen to read them, reports NBC.

The woman was caught after being spotted looking at the notes by the invigilator.

Experts say students are becoming increasingly more desperate to achieve high marks because of growing competition between graduates in the job market.

The report, by the Office of the Independent Adjudicator, revealed one law student last year was able to smuggle notes into the exam via a statute book.

Law student invisible ink
Law student invisible ink
The book was allowed under exam conditions, but students had to show invigilators at the entrance that they contained no extra notes.

However, the guilty student was able to use an invisible ink pen to make 24 pages of notes beforehand – and sneakily use a tiny ultraviolet (UV) torch to read them during the exam.

The report said:

“She had annotated a law statute book with invisible UV ink, creating 24 pages of unauthorised notes which she took into her examination.

‘She was seen using the notes by other students and the invigilator, who retained the statute book as evidence.”

A spokesperson for Universities UK said cheating is taken “extremely seriously” and guilty students should expect to face “severe penalties”.

“Academic misconduct is a breach of an institution’s disciplinary regulations and can result in students being expelled from the university,” they said.

“Universities have become more experienced in detecting and dealing with all forms of cheating.”

The “retro” cheating incident, which took place in 2016, was revealed in the OIA’s recently released annual report.

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  1. Wow off to a great start, or finish. Bravo well done. Cheating must of went to trump university to learn these cheap tricks

  2. And once the student enters real life they will not need to ‘cheat’, as the internet will be freely available, 24/7, no invisible ink required. An exam is supposed to show that you are able to find the answer. Does it matter how, as long as the answer is correct? Who thinks that modern engineers get out a slide-rule and a pencil when asked how thick a steel beam needs to be in a House? They get out their computer, go on the net, and use a trusted web-site.

  3. The only reason we have people staying on for university is because the government wanted to reduce unemployment figures years ago. Instead, we now have a generation that have to get degrees to get a half decent job and are also left in debt.

  4. There is no such thing as an honest solicitor all they do is repeat the lies of their clients for money regardless of whatever the truth is. They are all soul sellers making money from misery and family breakups. A bit like funeral directors really.

  5. kids will always find ways to cheat on tests. invisible ink, ear piences. cell phones there options are limitless when it comes to cheating.

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