Jakarta Arrests: 114 Men Arrested At “Gay Party” In Indonesia

Jakarta Arrests: 114 Men Arrested At “Gay Party” In Indonesia

Dozens of men were arrested by Indonesian police in a weekend raid on a gay sauna in the capital, according to local reports.

The raid is the latest sign of growing hostility towards homosexuality in the world’s most populous Muslim nation.

Police said attendees, including a Briton and a Singaporean, paid 185,000 rupiahs ($14; £10) to attend.

Police have charged them under Law No. 4/2008 on Pornography.

Six men, namely two strippers, a fitness trainer, a designer and two other attendees, have been charged under Article 36 in conjunction with Article 10 of Pornography Law.

Police officers seized condoms, event tickets, CCTV footages, a copy of business permits, strippers’ tip, beds, ‘The Wild Ones’ publication flyers, and cell phones containing broadcast messages on the sex party.

Pictures circulating online showed topless men sitting crammed in a room next to gym equipment after the police raid.

REUTERS/John Javellana
REUTERS/John Javellana

“Our officers did an undercover investigation and raided the place on Sunday,” senior detective Nasriadi, who like many Indonesians goes by one name, told AFP.

Indonesia has witnessed increasing hostility towards its small and low-profile LGBTQ community, reports the BBC.

Homosexuality is not illegal under Indonesian law, except in conservative Aceh province.

But Jakarta police spokesman Raden Argo Yuwono said some of those detained could be charged under Indonesia’s harsh anti-pornography laws.

“There were gay people who were caught strip-teasing and masturbating in the scene,” he told BBC Indonesian.

Earlier this month, Indonesian police arrested 14 people in the city of Surabaya for allegedly holding a gay party. They could also face charges under anti-pornography laws.

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2 thoughts on “Jakarta Arrests: 114 Men Arrested At “Gay Party” In Indonesia

  1. Well, no one told you to do such thing where the majority of the people were Muslims or besides the religion stuff, still holds their own traditional way of life which homosex wasn’t tolerated even though it’s not enforced by nation’s law. Go get some money and find a place where it was legalized. Local’s rule takes effect, other place may not.

  2. This is a clear violation of human rights!
    Gays in Indonesia, please come to the Philippines and we will welcome you with open arms. There is an anti-discrimination law that protects the LGBTQ community, elderly and obese people against discrimination in any form and shape.
    The catholic church accepts third sex and you can see everywhere in the Philippines that gays and even trannies are praying inside the church without even someone bugging them. We believe that only Jesus can judge people and you just have to follow the law of the land.

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