Attack in London: an assailant shot down, several wounded

Attack in London: an assailant shot down, several wounded

A man armed with a dagger attacked a policeman in the early afternoon on Wednesday near the Westminster parliament in London, resulting in a large police deployment in the area.

According to the BBC, the attacker was subsequently killed by an agent.

The shooting would have occurred shortly after a vehicle broke several people on the Westminster Bridge, not far from the site of the confrontation. According to a report, at least eight people were injured.

It was not possible to know, at the time of posting, whether the two incidents were attributable to the same individual.

The House of Commons has been secured, with its occupants confined inside, pending clarity. Prime Minister Elizabeth May was evacuated without incident.

“I clearly heard shots. I saw someone dressed in black fall. I think he was a policeman, “an employee of Parliament told AFP.

The person, who did not want to give his identity, said he saw the scene from his office.

At least two ambulances were stationed near the Westminster bridge near the parliament, an AFP journalist said.

The police cleared the crowd on the bridge, indicating that the place was “not safe”.

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