Sidney Crosby Exits Game With Suspected Head Injury

Sidney Crosby Exits Game With Suspected Head Injury

The Penguins are waiting for news regarding the health of their captain Sidney Crosby, sounded Tuesday by a double failure of Matt Niskanen in the third game of their series against the Capitals. Niskanen is doing without suspension.

After the incident which happened early in the first period, some are already fearing the worst.

Head coach Matt Niskanen suffered a double header and Crosby remained for a long time lying on the ice to the left of Braden Holtby’s net.

He got up with the help of the healers and his teammates and was still shaken as he left the ice. He did not return to the meeting and must be examined more thoroughly by the team’s doctors.

Penguins coach Mike Sullivan hid his anger badly after the game. Not having any fresh information to provide on the health of his star player, Sullivan also refrained from commenting on the gesture.

Niskanen will not be suspended for his position at Crosby, the NHL said on Tuesday. NHL spokesman John Dellapina confirmed by e-mail that the player would not have a hearing before the security department.

On the spot, he was awarded a major penalty for double failure and a game misconduct.

Sidney Crosby shook after Matt Niskanen's charge. Photo: Getty Images / Gregory Shamus
Sidney Crosby shook after Matt Niskanen’s charge. Photo: Getty Images / Gregory Shamus

Niskanen sorry

After the match, Niskanen spoke earlier about a hockey accident.

“Everything happened so fast. I saw the recovery. It looks bad because I hit it on the head. I hope he will do well. I did not intend to hurt him, “he said, defending himself from having voluntarily charged Crosby or premeditated his gesture.

Niskanen has been following Crosby very closely since the start of this second round series and this double failure was not the first that the defender served at the 87.


Crosby’s career was punctuated by concussions.

They forced him to long months of inactivity and probably made him a player more sensitive to the shocks that one can undergo during a game or a season.

In 2010-2011, Crosby missed the second half of the season due to a concussion suffered at the Winter Classic against the Capitals.

The following season, he played only 22 games. Returning to play in November, he had to stop again after eight encounters due to persistent concussion symptoms.

If they were to be deprived of Crosby for the rest of the playoffs, the Penguins would take the lead. The pace of the series against the Capitals would really be changed.

Unless in the absence of Crosby, Evgeni Malkin does not ring the charge. The latter has an average of almost two points per game when Crosby is not in uniform.

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4 thoughts on “Sidney Crosby Exits Game With Suspected Head Injury

  1. If that’s anyone else, I don’t even know if that would have gotten a 2 min penalty let alone a game misconduct. NHL protecting their poster boy

  2. That was not an intentional cross check to the head. Cindy Crosby is a pussy and let’s not pretend he’s a clean player.. he’s one of the cheapest players in the NHL. Hope he Never​ comes back.

  3. If you watch the replay from the other side of the ice Cindy’s leg bends and flexes in directions it shouldn’t. Wouldn’t surprise me if it was a leg or knee injury more then his head.

  4. Clearly a cheap shot, it wasn’t a reactionary play, not like he was on the process of turning around n Sid was sliding towards him n him putting his arms out as a instinct to protect himself, he clearly seen Sid coming at him, Sid was already on his way down to the ice, so there was no need to hit him and he still did, it was intentional, Idc what Matt says…. I don’t think he intended to hurt Sid, but he did hit him on purpose…

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