NFL overtime rule change to be voted on next week

NFL overtime rule change to be voted on next week

Buffalo NEW YORK (EON – NFL owners are set to gather next week for a brief series of meetings, and at least two new rules changes are expected to be approved., owners will vote on a motion that had previously been tabled to shorten overtime periods from the current 15 minutes to 10 minutes.

As reported by Yahoo Sports, the reason for the shorter OT proposal is unclear, but it is expected to receive the three-quarters approval vote needed. If social media is an indication, fans are not in favor of the change, believing it will lead to more tie games.

NFL overtime rule change
NFL overtime rule changeB

The proposal was originally raised at the owner’s meetings in March, but was tabled at the time . It will be discussed again at next week’s meetings, where Battista says it will get approved. For a proposal to become an NFL rule, it has to get a “yes” vote from 24 of the league’s 32 owners.

CBS Sports adds:

The downside here, by the NFL’s own admission, is more ties. “There’s no question that when you shorten that overtime period, the potential for ties does increase,” Dean Blandino told ProFootballTalk in March. “And I don’t think we feel that ties are necessarily a bad thing. They’re certainly great for tie-breakers when it comes to postseason. But ultimately you want to have a winner in the game.”

Prior to 2012, any player placed on injured reserve was forced to miss the entire season, but that changed with the designated for return rule.

The NFL has since stopped requiring teams to designate a certain player for return and allows for any one player to be activated from IR during the season.

The 2017 NFL spring league meetings will take place from May 22 through May 24 in Chicago.

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