Maple Leafs Must Be Wary Of Red Wings

Maple Leafs Must Be Wary Of Red Wings

The Toronto Maple Leafs are only one point away from a playoff spot. And if they want to be part of the great spring dance, they will have to find the path to victory quickly.

Mike Babcock’s men are returning from an unsuccessful trip to the American West, where they have amassed only two points  in six games. In addition, they were defeated in their last five outings.

Despite this, the Leafs (70 points) are only one point behind the New York Islanders (71 points) who occupy the second-team place drafted in the Eastern Association.

Meanwhile, the Red Wings are their way to missing the the playoffs for the first time in 25 years.

They sit in the bottom of the Eastern Division with a 61-points in 63 games.

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