Kevin Pillar Catch is Nothing New For Toronto Fans

Kevin Pillar Catch is Nothing New For Toronto Fans

TORONTO (EON) – Toronto’s Blue Jays center fielder Kevin Pillar is once again up to his old tricks.

In the sixth inning, the Cleveland Indians managed to place runners at the corners.

With a withdrawal to make, Jose Ramirez was at bat. He slammed the ball firmly at the center field.

Everyone believed that the “Tribe” would finally score, but Superman was there to save the day.

To the delight of the spectators!

We do not call him Superman for nothing!

The Blue Jays finally took the game 4-2. They prevented their former teammate Edwin Encarnacion from enjoying the victory on his return to Toronto.

Praise from Lindor and Stroman

The Cleveland shortstop, Francisco Lindor, was speechless after the catch.
“I told him it was pretty cool. This is one of the most beautiful games I’ve seen for a long time, and even for life. He is the cream of the cream in the field, “he said, as one can read on .

Jays’ young ace, Marcus Stroman, also highlighted Pillar’s work: “I’ve seen him so often, especially when I’m on the mound. Give him a Golden Glove! I think it is the best defensive player in his position in the league. I am very happy that he is behind me for each of my starts. ”

A handyman

In addition to his prowess in the field, Kevin Pillar has found a new bat life this season.

In addition to regularly playing as the first batter, his patience renewed in the marble allows him to present an average greater than, 300 and an average of presence on the goals of, 355.
Compared to its career statistics, this is a rise of 35 and 47 points respectively

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