James Harden Sued For Allegedly Orchestrating Robbery

James Harden Sued For Allegedly Orchestrating Robbery

Houston (EON) – This is the WTF news this weekend and we hope for James Harden that it does not contain an ounce of truth. The Houston Rockets leader is accused by Moses Malone Jr., son of the Hall of Famer who died in 2015, of having paid men to assault and rob him at a strip club in Houston.

Malone told the police that this was an act of revenge, after his public statements were unfriendly about the All-Star claiming $ 250 to the children who wanted to participate in his basketball camp.

Four men linked to the assault have already been arrested according to Fox 2 6. One of them reportedly told Malone at the time of the assault that he was being punished for disrespecting James Harden.

“All the stories that we’ve heard from all the witnesses were pretty consistent that James Harden was pretty upset about the Facebook post that was posted the night before the attack,” Farah told ESPN on Tuesday morning. “There were text messages between Moses and some of James Harden’s friends. … We have a good trail of evidence that leads to James Harden’s involvement to this.”

The lawyer for the MVP candidate indicated that his client was “serene” and that it was simply a “new example of a profit attempt on the back of someone who has money” , Whereas the real officials probably do not.

Harden’s lawyer, Rusty Hardin, said, “I am in Boston for depositions so I haven’t seen the petition, but I have previously discussed Moses’ allegations with James and others, and I am totally comfortable that the allegations are untrue,” per Carey. “Unfortunately, I am afraid this is just another example of people shopping for a deep pocket when they find that the people actually responsible have no money.”

Moses Malone Jr also attacked the strip club, claiming nearly a million dollars in damages.

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