Eddie ‘The Eagle’ Edwards Returns To Ski Jump In Galgary

Eddie ‘The Eagle’ Edwards Returns To Ski Jump In Galgary

Popular skier “Eddie the Eagle” returned to Canada to give take a few jumps in Calgary, where in 1988 he took part in the Olympics. Although in both competitions on the hill K70 and K90 then took last place, he won the hearts of fans of ski jumping thanks to his enthusiasm and joyful disposition.

Twenty-nine years after his glory, Edwards reappeared on the hills in Calgary. On Sunday, March 5, 53-year-old Briton gave six strokes – two on the hills K70, K38 and K18. His longest flight ended on the 24th subway.

At the jump it gathered about 1,000 supporters who cheered Eddie singing and shouts. After putting strokes Edwards met with fans. Volunteers can get an autograph or take a souvenir photo.

The Jumper admitted that he felt exactly like he did 29-years-ago when he competed at the Olympics.

It is worth recalling that in 2016 a movie was created inspired by the story of Michael “Eddie” Edwards film titled “Eddie the Eagle,” directed by Dexter Fletcher.

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