Cristiano Ronaldo Bust Defense: “Even Jesus Made Mistakes”

Cristiano Ronaldo Bust Defense:  “Even Jesus Made Mistakes”

The bust of Cristiano Ronaldo, unveiled Wednesday at Madeira airport, which sparked a number of social networking jokes, defended his work, assuring the Real Madrid star “loved his work” .

“I have not received any criticism concerning the bust, the feedback from my Facebook friends has been positive,” Portuguese radio Renascença Emanuel Santos, the sculptor from Madama, originally made this face grimacing widely diverted by Internet users .

“I had the opportunity to discuss with Cristiano Ronaldo what he thought and he told me that he liked it,” said the 40-year-old self-taught artist.

“Cristiano just asked to change some too prominent wrinkles that made him look older and wipe them off a bit to look smoother and more jovial,” Santos said.


Internet users like the international press have multiplied the adjectives unflattering to qualify this representation of the quadruple Ballon d’or, going from “unrecognizable” to “hideous” passing by “foul”.

“Representing a public person is a challenge, especially if we do not have it close to ourselves to take action,” he said, adding that he had worked only on snapshots of the captain of the selection Portugese.

“All work is subject to criticism, we can not please Greeks and Trojans, a sculpture is a sculpture, a photocopy is a photocopy,” defended Emanuel Santos, a former maintenance officer in unemployment.

In his hometown of Funchal, Cristiano Ronaldo now has an airport in his name, a museum in his honor and a statue high of 3.40 meters, whose tight shorts had already aroused many mockery during Its inauguration in 2014.

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