Adam Jones Gets Standing Ovation In Boston

Adam Jones Gets Standing Ovation In Boston

BOSTON – Red Sox president Sam Kennedy apologized to Jones, who said on Monday at the Boston Globe and USA Today that he was called a “nigger” on a few occasions and that a partisan threw him a bag of peanuts .

“The organization is disgusted by the conduct of some ignorant people,” Kennedy said.

“This is unacceptable and shameful,” said Charlie Baker, governor of Massachusetts. This is not representative behavior of the population of Boston and Massachusetts. ”

Selected five times to play the All-Star Game, Adam Jones argues that this was not the first time he was the victim of racist comments in Boston, but that this episode was the worst he ever had since the beginning of His career in the majors, 12 years ago.

Adam Jones standing ovation
Adam Jones standing ovation

“It’s a shame that people use such epithets to belittle other human beings,” he told the Boston Globe and USA Today after the meeting.

The Red Sox also confirmed to USA Today that the supporter who threw him a bag of peanuts had been expelled.

” It is pathetic. That’s what I call a coward, also said Jones on Monday. What we have to do is not to evict them, but to impose fines of $ 10,000, $ 20,000 or $ 30,000. It’s something that really hurts someone. ”

When Jones came to bat for the first time on Tuesday, initially a smattering of boos could be heard from the late-arriving crowd. However, those were quickly drowned out by a standing ovation from what Bob Costas described as a “sizeable percentage of the Fenway fans.”

Starting pitcher Chris Sale even took a moment and stepped off the mound to allow the applause to continue.

Here is the moment.

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8 thoughts on “Adam Jones Gets Standing Ovation In Boston

  1. I quit going to my hometown team Angels games because with the Boston and Yankee fans it is not a place that you want to bring your family and children with their loud nasty voices that’s just my experience in my opinion at my home stadium watching them

  2. call BS on this whole story. I doubt he was call the N word and if you look at this nobody is cheering for him ! Total liberal BS

  3. Giants fan here. I went to Wrigley last year to see the Giants play the Cubs nobody said anything bad ti me on the train or in the stadium or airport. Meet some very nice people. I live in KC and went to see Giant’s play twice this year a little heckling but good fans.

  4. Many years ago Reggie Smith said the same thing about Boston…and he was a Red Sox.
    And then again, did they do the same to Big Papi Ortiz?

  5. Yet another person has succumbed to the Billy Bob Thornton curse. It almost seems true, so many have died whilst near him or associated with him. RIP to this musician, hope he didn’t suffer at least.

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