First data from research submarine “Boaty McBoatface”

First data from research submarine “Boaty McBoatface”

The British research submarine “Boaty McBoatface” enchants the researchers with “unprecedented data” on its first deep sea trip.”We were able to collect enormous amounts of data that we would never have had if Boaty could not move under that way,” said Professor Alberto Naveira Garabato, University of Southampton, British Guardian.

“Boaty McBoatface” was part of a seven-week expedition of the research vessel “RRS James Clark Ross” on a maiden voyage. It is a new type of autonomous underwater vest (AUV) and can navigate under ice as well as depths of up to 6,000 meters. Currently, it is on the Orkney Passage in the Antarctic.

Audience favorite “Boaty”

“Boaty McBoatface” had also become famous outside Great Britain due to an out-of-control online vote. When voting, the name should be found for a new Polar Research vessel. The name “Boaty McBoatface”, submitted as a joke, reached the first place. The British authorities put an end to the trickery and decided instead for the name of nature filmmaker David Attenborough.

The name was not completely lost: it was given as a compromise to the submarine. British science minister Jo Johnson said, “Boaty is already providing new insights into the coldest ocean waters of the world. This allows scientists to gain a broader understanding of changes in the Antarctic region and to work towards a global approach to tackling climate change. “

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