Chelsea Manning To Be Freed Next Week: Lawyer

Chelsea Manning To Be Freed Next Week: Lawyer

Chelsea Manning, a US transsexual serviceman imprisoned for providing thousands of secret documents to WikiLeaks, said on Tuesday that he could finally project himself into the future as he approaches his release next week.

“For the first time, I see myself as a Chelsea. I imagine myself surviving and living in the skin of the person I am and who can be in the outside world, “said the woman soldier, in a statement sent by her team of defenders.

“Freedom was something I dreamed of without allowing myself to imagine full enjoyment,” said the former Bradley Manning. The former Wikileaks informer has had his 35-year prison sentence commuted by former US President Barack Obama.

“From now on, freedom is something that I will know again with my friends and loved ones after almost seven years of bars and cement, seclusion in isolation, with my autonomy and my hindered care, especially those haircuts Regularly imposed, “Ms. Manning added.

Chelsea Manning last year made two suicide attempts and a hunger strike between the two in her military prison in Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, desperate for her relatives by the disciplinary proceedings to which she was subjected.

The soldier demanded the necessary care for his change of genus, accusing the American authorities of denying him “right to exist” by denying him the right to grow his hair.

She was sentenced in August 2013 to 35 years imprisonment for sending 700 000 confidential documents to the WikiLeaks website. A punishment that his supporters considered disproportionate. Obama had commuted the sentence three days before leaving the White House, greatly shortening the duration.

Chelsea Manning must be released from prison on May 17.

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4 thoughts on “Chelsea Manning To Be Freed Next Week: Lawyer

  1. Another small bit of decent news on an otherwise grim (and bizarre) day: Chelsea Manning, who did the rest of us the genuine favor of letting us know what our government was doing in our name and paid the price for it, will be freed from military prison in 7 more days (thanks to President Obama commuting his sentence). He’s just released a statement on his future, as the Guardian reports. Tom

  2. One national disgrace commuting the sentence of another national disgrace…Manning knew exactly what he was doing and he should serve the time…Obama let down all of us who served in the Intel community and carried the responsibility of securing our nations secrets. First HRC, now Manning…a perfect bookend to the disaster that is Obama.

  3. Declan Clark Manning didn’t ‘share’ the truth, he violated the law and his oath to protect the information he was trusted to protect. He created in his own mind a scenario that was grossly misinformed about a horrific helocoptor engagement in a combat zone that went wrong…if you’ve ever served in combat you might understand. Then he topped if off by dumping hundreds of thousands of unreated docs in the public out of spite. Manning should have been shot for his actions, he got off lightly with the sentence he did receive. I know personally the horrors of war, I know very well how quickly combat can go sideways and I know, because I lived it, the incredible importance of the security of our nations information. Manning put Americans, ‘humans’ lives at risk out of his own misguided anger and it is an absolute disgrace that Obama is setting him free where he will no doubt be lauded by the radical left and enriched with book and movie deals for his criminal actions. It is a slap in the face to anyone who ever served in the US military and a signal to criminal ‘leakers’ that our laws are meaningless with regard to classified information.

  4. TheRedUnderTheBed... · Edit

    This woman is a HERO!!, she knew exactly what would happen to her and STILL went thru with it..
    She showed the world what the “Corporate” US government is doing in the name of their citizens..

    SAM or should we say UNCLE SAM.?.
    Your full of jingoistic crap NO lives were at risk you flag waving dumbass, she saved lives..
    She showed the world and the US public that their government were and STILL ARE doing evil, illegal. obscene acts.. That THEY were the “slap in the face” to the troops on the ground and to their own public..
    Hide behind your flag and your distorted use of the second ammendment and help the US with its crusade to FREE?? all these countries..

    I`m not a fan of Obama he was a sell out in the end BUT I applaud him for this..
    I wish her all the best for the future..
    Thankyou Chelsea..

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