Breitbart News Denied  Congressional Press Credentials

Breitbart News Denied  Congressional Press Credentials

WASHINGTON — The panel that approves media credentials to cover Congress has declined to grant permanent credentials to Breitbart News Network, LLC.

The Standing Committee of Correspondents voted unanimously Tuesday to table an application from Breitbart and declined to extend temporary credentials beyond May 31.

“unequivocally entitled to permanent Senate Press Gallery credentials and is determined to secure them.” – reitbart spokesman Chad Wilkinson

News organizations seeking credentials for its reporters must be editorially independent of any institution or interest group that lobbies the federal government. The committee can reject applicants that fail to provide the information needed to make that verification.

According to BuzzFeed, three Breitbart reporters currently have temporary passes, and a fourth applied for one on Tuesday morning. But in tabling the application, the committee declined to extend temporary passes for Breitbart beyond their May 31 expiration date.

Breitbart denied permanent congressional press credentials — for now
Breitbart denied permanent congressional press credentials — for now
“The whole thing suggests to me they are not ready for a credential,” one committee member said during the meeting. He added that he couldn’t recall devoting this much time to any applicant, and that the committee was acting in good faith throughout the process.

Breitbart has given favorable coverage to el-Gindy, a former member of the Egyptian parliament who is affiliated with the political party backed by Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi, according to the Daily Beast. One Breitbart story labeled el-Gindy a “senior Egyptian statesman” who “has played a pivotal role in the revolutions against former President Hosni Mubarak and the Muslim Brotherhood.”

El-Gindy and Breitbart are the subject of a complaint filed with the Justice Department in 2016. The complaint, whose source is unidentified, alleged that el-Gindy rented his townhouse to Breitbart at below-market rates while Breitbart promoted his political career, all without disclosing their financial relationship, in violation of the Foreign Agents Registration Act, the Daily Beast reported.

Breitbart is a conservative media outlet that was headed by Steve Bannon before he joined the Trump administration as a chief strategist and senior counsellor.

The Chicago Tribune adds:

Bannon – who once boasted that Breitbart was “the platform for the alt-right” – is now Trump’s chief strategist; he formally resigned from Breitbart last fall. (The term alt-right typically refers to a far-right movement whose followers hold racist, anti-Semitic and sexist beliefs and who desire a whites-only state. But in a later interview with the Wall Street Journal, Bannon sought to define the term differently, saying the alt-right is composed of “younger people who are anti-globalists, very nationalist, terribly anti-establishment.”)

Committee chairman Billy House says questions have centred on whether several top editors at Breitbart are actively engaged by or affiliated with advocacy groups.

Breitbart did not respond to a request for comment Tuesday.

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6 thoughts on “Breitbart News Denied  Congressional Press Credentials

  1. Speaker Paulie and Duh Turtle had better lock up their wives, children, girlfriends, and/or boyfriends. Breitbart Spews figures to target every member of Speaker Paulie’s and Duh Turtle’s Lace Curtain Circuses they call Kinfolk – and, even worse, go after their Cupcakes on Duh Side, too.

  2. Who gets to decide what is a good news source? The competition blocking a new outlet? Sort of like what CNN is doing to Fox News.

  3. What did these Neo-Nazis think, once Trump gave them the confidence to come out of the shadows they’d be accepted in polite society? Nope, the more visible they become, the stronger the pushback.

  4. New letters to and from the White House.

    “Right now, we cannot discuss the contents of the documents we just saw because they are classified. But we can say this: They are extremely troubling. We have grave concerns. And I believe these documents should be declassified to the fullest extent possible without compromising sources or methods.

  5. Blightbart should have long since been delegitimized, since it never was a legitimate “news” source to begin with.

  6. ost things that come from the right are lies and fabrications. If the GOP and their supporters didn’t lie and manipulate the facts, nobody making under $100K a year would vote for them.

    How about giving Obama credit for once? The economy is rolling. Health care is cheaper (still nothing compared to my $25/month car insurance from Insurance Panda or my $11/month renters insurance .. but progress is being made!!). Bin Laden is caught. Useless wars have ended.

    When are people going to stay out of other people’s lives. Mind your own business! Abortion and Marriage equality are private matters and no one’s business but the people involved!

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