Woman Stuck On Crane Downtown Toronto Rescued

Woman Stuck On Crane Downtown Toronto Rescued

A woman who was suspended from a construction crane on Wednesday morning in downtown Toronto was rescued by city firefighters.

Construction workers and passers-by gathered on the sidewalk to watch the rescue operation.

The woman was suspended for nearly four hours at a small structure attached to a pulley attached to the top of the crane.

According to the firefighters, the woman climbed a crane on a construction site on Wellesley Street, near Yonge Street during the night.

The firemen were called to the scene at 4am.

The woman was finally brought back to the ground around 8am, thanks to a fireman who tied her to him before going down.

The crowd applauded loudly when the rescuer and the woman touched the ground.

The police then handcuffed the woman who was seen by the paramedics.

The latter was not injured and did not appear to be in distress, according to the authorities.

The reason for his gesture remains unknown.

The woman faces a charge of mischief, the police said.

The surrounding streets of downtown were banned from traffic for many hours.

The Chief of the Toronto Fire Department welcomed the rescue operation. Matthew Pegg said firefighters “are trained for this,” but he had “never seen” a similar rescue.

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