Ottawa Sex Toy Company Pays $3.75 million To U.S. Woman

Ottawa Sex Toy Company Pays $3.75 million To U.S. Woman

Canadian company Standard Innovation Corporation, manufacturer of among others the We-Vibe vibrator paid 3.75 million dollars to consumer who used the sex toy or its application.

The compensation stems from a lawsuit against Standard Innovation for alleged privacy violation. In December last year it became clear that the company had reached a settlement therein.

The case was to have collected filed in September last year by an American woman, known only by the pseudonym NP They accused the company without consent sensitive information about her and other We-Vibe users.

Standard Innovation meant, among other the points in time at which the smart vibrator was used, as well as the intensity of vibration in respect of which the users have chosen.

As part of the settlement is Standard Innovation approved the request in future to destroy such data. The 3.75 million dollars paid by the company, is divided into two settlement funds: a three million users of the associated We-Vibe app, and another $ 750,000 collected data for consumers who have purchased the vibrator itself.

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