Major gas leak in downtown Ottawa, roads closed

The major gas leak that occurred on Queen Street in Ottawa on Tuesday afternoon was stopped. However, traffic continues to be disrupted.

The Ottawa Fire Department reports that buildings that were evacuated on a proactive basis are gradually reopening. Air quality tests are carried out to ensure that there is no risk to occupants.

An Enbridge spokeswoman said teams were dispatched to the scene to permanently repair the damaged pipe.

The work could be completed by Wednesday morning. Then, Enbridge employees will have to manually restore service for each of the 34 affected customers.

Deputy Fire Chief Kim Ayotte said the fire department’s job was to minimize the hazards by evacuating the area and keeping ignition sources away. Firefighters were monitoring the air quality at various locations around the evacuation zone.

“It’s only dangerous when we get into the flammable ranges of the gas and the gas reaches an ignition source. That’s why we evacuated people,” Ayotte said at a command post set up on O’Connor near Slater.

“The evacuation was very successful of the buildings. It was orderly and people got out of the buildings. We had no incidents and no injuries.”

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