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Afghan boys playing volleyball shot dead by militants

Boys shot for playing volleyball

We all think of volleyball as being an entertaining sport played mostly in high school and by children. In Afghanistan it can be dangerous and ultimately deadly.

Yesterday, in a village in the Alingar district, five boys were shot while playing a simple game of volleyball, together, by a lone gunman from a neighboring village.

Although it is unsure as to why these young boys were shot dead while playing volleyball, there are many speculations. Some include that the enemies of the Afghans are having a difficult time accepting the achievements that these young boys have gained in sporting activities.

This wouldn’t be the first attack on children in Afghanistan either.

There are several stories of children doing innocent acts, such as dancing in the rain or playing soccer or football in the field. These children are being targeted because they are easier targets. They are innocent, young, and small which are all things that make it easier for a gunman to pick up his weapon and destroy their lives.

The men, who committed this heinous crime, are deemed to be cowards who committed cowardly attacks. What else would they be deemed for killing innocent little children who were playing during lunch?

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