Woman Has 27 Contact Lenses Removed

Woman Has 27 Contact Lenses Removed

In a common cataract surgery last November in Solihull hospital near Birmingham, England, a team of ophthalmic surgeons discovered that their 67-year-old patient had accumulated 27 contact lenses superimposed in one His eyes, doctors report in the  British Medical Journal  of July 5.

The doctors first spotted 17 of them, which, glued together by mucus, formed a foreign body of bluish color. They then located ten others during the rest of the operation. The sexagenarian had not realized anything.

“It was such a big mass. All the lenses were glued together. We were amazed to see that the patient had not felt it, because she had to cause a lot of irritations as long as it was in place, “said surgeon Rupal Morjaria in an interview with Optometry Today.

The surgeon Rupal Morjaria took advantage of the media coverage of this incredible case to recall the need for people carrying lenses to be followed regularly by a specialist.

“Today, while it is becoming easier to order lenses online, patients are much more lax about control visits. Contact lenses are used constantly, but if follow-up is not Appropriate, we see people who contract severe eye infections, which can even make them lose their sight, “she said.

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