coconut oil isn’t as healthy for you as you think

coconut oil isn’t as healthy for you as you think

TORONTO – How beautiful it is, how good it is, the coconut oil! The best invention sliced ​​bread! Oh no!

The American Heart Association (AHA) has unveiled a study in which it reveals that coconut oil is far from being good for health.

Indeed, the study reveals that coconut oil dramatically increases cholesterol, since it contains a lot of saturated fat.

It is 82% of the coconut oil that would be composed of saturated fat. Comparatively, the butter contains 63% saturated fat and 50% beef fat.

The American Heart Association even went as far as to discourage the use of coconut oil in its report, as it could cause cardiovascular disease.

Frank Snacks, the author of this study, does not understand why coconut oil has extinguished as much depicted as an oil having health benefits.

“It’s almost 100% fat,” he told USA Today .

On the other hand, coconut oil remains an excellent beauty product. It can act, among other things, as a conditioner or moisturizing lotion.

You can consult the study by clicking here .

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