Women’s Day: the inspiring message of Maripier Morin

Women’s Day: the inspiring message of Maripier Morin

Maripier Morin took advantage of International Women’s Day on Wednesday to share a touching and inspiring message to thank all those who fought for gender equality but also those who inspire her to become a better person daily.

The 30-year-old TV show host begins her message by writing “I would like to thank all those women who fought for hundreds of years to have rights and to be treated equally. All the battles are not yet won but it is now up to us to continue their work “.

Last summer, i turned 30 years old, and i'm lucky enough to be living in a society where women are now respected more and more, not everywhere you will say and you are right. But for decades women around the world have fought for our rights and equality . We haven't won the war yet, but every single battle is important and can make a huge difference, it's now the time for us to roll up our sleeves and help make a difference. Today, i wanna thank all the women around me who has help me become the person i am, and who inspire me to get better everyday. To my mom, obviously, who i would be nothing without. To my godmother for teaching me what being fierce is, to my aunt Sonia for loving me like i was her daughter, to both my grammas for showing us what being hard working and proud meant. To my aunt Dannie who taught me that there's no age to decide to live your best life, to Mylene who is the perfect exemple of a dedicated mom and wife, but also a feared business women. To Amelie that happiness is a decision and to cindy who takes any challenges as an opportunity to grow. To Veronique who proved me that becoming a mother is the most incredible thing in the world. To Carla who showed me that with forgiveness and love you can move mountains. And to Theresa for simply being you.

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Then, the one who is at the helm of the Maripier talkshow ! Z-TV goes on to name all the women around her who are and have been important in her life: her mother, her godmother, her aunt, her grandmothers and many others.

“To my mother without whom I would not be the shadow of me of what I have become. To my godmother to have instilled my passion, to my aunt Sonia for having loved me as if I was her daughter, to my Grandma Anna and Simone for giving us the example of what a working woman And proud must be. To Dannie, who proves to me that there is no age to decide to live the best life possible, To Mylen who is the perfect example of mother and devoted wife while being a formidable business woman. To Amelie, who is the living proof that happiness begins with oneself, to Cindy for whom the challenges seem to be second nature. To Vero, who proved to me that becoming a mother was the most beautiful thing in the world. To Carla to show me that forgiveness and love overcome everything. In Teresa d ‘

Let’s hope that this message will inspire many fans of Maripier Morin!

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