Survivor contestant outed during episode

Survivor contestant outed during episode

While CBS is broadcasting the 34th edition of Survivor, it was thought that nothing new would come off the program, a little snoring. However, on Wednesday, April 12, at the end of the council to eliminate one of the members, a candidate shocked the participants and viewers …


While America is blamed for its failures in protecting the rights of transgender people, the episode broadcast by CBS has illustrated the urgent need to educate citizens to change attitudes. Indeed, the candidate Zeke Smith was “out” by his teammate Jeff Varner during the council. Feeling in danger, the latter wanted to prove to the other members of the tribe that Zeke was a ” manipulator ” and that he ” hides things ” on the pretext that he thought he had discovered something about him significant. In this case, he had discovered that he was a transgender and he told everyone, in front of the cameras!


While many members of the clan attacked him to blame him for making this very personal revelation and has nothing to do with the game, the main concerned reacted. ” I had the chance to participate in Survivor several times without being labeled with the label on my face, and one of the reasons I did not say it was that I did not want to be Survivor trans candidate , I just wanted to be Zeke, Survivor ‘s candidate, and I thought maybe someone would notice it and I’m willing to make it part of my experience. Happened that is naze , “he said.

Lynch on the Web, Jeff Varner, expelled from the game at the end of the council, finally apologized. ” Yeah, I really did that, and I offer my deep and genuine heartfelt apologies to Zeke Smith, his friends and allies in life, his family and all those my mistake hurt and offended. I took the risk of revealing something that I foolishly thought was already known, I was wrong and I have no excuse for that. Worse decision of my life , “he wrote on Instagram.




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