Star Wars Day Is Today! May The Fourth Be With You

Star Wars Day Is Today!  May The Fourth Be With You

Today is May 4th, or as “Star Wars” fans know it, Star Wars Day.

Because it’s another reason you can say “May the Force be with you” (see trending Twitter hashtag #MayThe4thBeWithYou).

“Star Wars’ “official website says “May the Fourth” references can be traced to 1979, but the day took off once the Internet started connecting fans.

So, naturally, we take a look at all the ways that’s happening.

>It’s Star Wars Day: May the 4th be with you

From origami to memes, Legos to #StarWarsSongs, May 4th brings out all the creative “Star Wars” streaks in universe.

star wars day
star wars day

How can you celebrate Star Wars Day?

There are also plenty of ways to bury yourself in the sci-fi fun, from reading the comics to splashing out on memorabilia.

Disney, who own the film franchise, are hosting a number of events at their parks, including special Star Wars Nights on May 5 and 6 at Disneyland Paris.

Last year actor Mark Hamill, who played a leading role of jedi Luke Skywalker, urged fans on the day to donate money to help sick kids.

Fans have already been excited for the release of the new Star Wars film, Star Wars: Episode VIII – The Last Jedi, after Disney has released a trailer ahead of its December 2017 release. 

They can also now see plans for the new Star Wars-themed lands at Disneyland and Disney World.

Why do people say “May the Fourth be with you”?

The date for Star Wars day was chosen as a play on words of the Star Wars quote “May the Force be with you.”

In the movies the phrase is used to wish an individual good luck and that they would have favour with The Force.

The franchise was launched back in 1977 with Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope, and quickly became a worldwide phenomenon branching out to release books, a television series, video games and comics.

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