Russell Peters Makes Inappropriate Mélanie Joly Joke At Junos

Russell Peters Makes Inappropriate Mélanie Joly Joke At Junos

Toronto comedian Russell Peters, who co-hosted the 46th Junos Sunday in Ottawa, was roundly criticized on social networks because of his comment to the place of Minister Mélanie Joly.

Peters, supported by the musician Bryan Adams, introduced the Minister of Canadian Heritage as follows: “I do not know why she is here, but she is very seductive ( hot ).” The comment, judged sexist, was condemned on the social networks.

The facilitator also suffered from the thunderbolts after saying, about the many young women at the Canadian Tire Center, that there was “a crime waiting to be committed.” Many argued that this comment made the rape public.

Mélanie Joly replied on Monday saying that the 46-year-old comedian was “inappropriate” and that this kind of humor did not belong at the Juno Gala.

On the Junos stage on Sunday, the minister expressed her pride to represent a $ 53 billion industry, adding that Canada is the third largest exporter of music in the world.

She also hoped that the Junos facilitators would promote values ​​such as parity.

Leonard Cohen won on Sunday the album of the year for You Want It Darker , released in 2016.

Earlier in the evening, Justin Trudeau went on stage with his wife, Sophie Grégoire, to pay tribute to Cohen, who died last November. The singer Feist then offered an interpretation of a Montreal classic, Hey, That’s No Way to Say Goodbye .

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3 thoughts on “Russell Peters Makes Inappropriate Mélanie Joly Joke At Junos

  1. This idiot has NEVER been funny. If anything, he sounds like a fool. Just one of the primary reasons why a LOT of people can’t be bother watching the Junos. Yawn…

  2. Rolling my eyes. Some of the internet comment section people who act outraged and offended and position themselves as superior to the object of their ire in these stories , are the ones I would be scared of, they are the ones pretending they are good and without the weaknesses or prejudices that the person they are trying to frame as a villain. It’s all grandstanding and it is baseless. This culture of roasting and making fun of public people that tv hosts make a living off of is not my cup of tea and I have nothing good to say about it but the court of public opinion is equally if not more suspect IMO.

  3. Not a Russell Peters fan but what he said was not inappropriate. She IS hot. One day when she’s old she miss the days when people gave her compliments. The people posting nasty things about Mr. Peters are snowflakes and ugly people.

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