Orange Is The New Black Season Season 5 Leaked Online: Hacker Threatens Networks

Orange Is The New Black Season Season 5 Leaked Online: Hacker Threatens Networks

SAN FRANCISCO  (EON) – A hacker laked the next season of the Netflix original series Orange Is the New Black after the company did not pay what the hacker termed a “modest” sum to avert the leak.

The author of blackmail, who calls himself The Dark Overlord, is said to have already posted several episodes on an illegal file-sharing service. The Associated Press has not been able to confirm the authenticity of the files in question. The amount claimed is also unknown.

The new episodes of the fifth season of the series taking place in a women’s prison will be broadcast on Netflix on June 9th. The trailer was unveiled on February 8th.

“You’re going to lose a lot more money in all of this than what our modest offer was,” the hacker wrote, referring to Netflix and “Orange Is The New Black,” a streaming series focused a woman serving a criminal sentence in a minimum-security federal prison.

A possible hacking of one of the series causing the popularity of Netflix could have consequences on the number of subscribers of the platform. The financial value of the company could then be in danger.

‘We’ve decided to release Episodes 2-10 of “Orange Is The New Black” Season 5 after many lengthy discussions at the office where alcohol was present.

‘Do note that there are 13 episodes. However, we were so early when we acquired the copies that post hadn’t gotten around to Episodes 11-13.

‘Perhaps Netflix will consider releasing the season earlier now that the cat’s out of the bag?

As reported by USA Today some fans online said they were able to download some episodes from the new season.

“Season 5 is amazing and I can’t believe it works,”  tweeted Cody Thomas, who added: “You Are Our Saviour. Enjoying the show!”

MEXICO CITY, MEXICO – SEPTEMBER 12: General view during a press conference with Reed Hastings, CEO of Netflix, to announce the Netflix service in Mexico at the St. Regis Hotel on September 12, 2011 in Mexico City, Mexico. (Photo by Hector Vivas/Latin Content/Getty Images)

Hacker Threatens Networks

The Dark Overlord says he has also stolen other series produced by other studios including ABC, National Geographic, Fox, and IFC. Again, he threatens to show them to the public unless ransoms are paid.

Rumors of large-scale piracy of films and series have been circulating in recent months. Some people mentioned screenshots of images from various productions and a message requesting tens of thousands of dollars in electronic money.


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3 thoughts on “Orange Is The New Black Season Season 5 Leaked Online: Hacker Threatens Networks

  1. Naw chill. Not watching till it releases, chances are it’ll be soon. If you like/love this show respect and support the people who brought it to you. Livelihoods that are being affected. Imagine that was you in that position, how would you like it if you worked your ass off and some thief came in and fucked up your shit

  2. I haven’t even watched season 4 yet. So I could give a damn about 5. I’ll wait till it comes on netflix..lml
    P.s. he did that and he still broke. He should of released it one by one, So they know it’s real!!lol

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