nintendo entertainment system classic edition no longer in production

nintendo entertainment system classic edition no longer in production

This mini edition of Nintendo’s first console “has never been thought to be a long-lasting product.” AsSuccessful surprise for Christmas, it has sold more than a million units  worldwide.

End of game for the NES Mini. This miniature reissue of Nintendo’s first console, released in Canada in 1987, will no longer be manufactured by the Japanese giant. The stocks currently sent to dealers will be the last. “The NES Mini has never been thought to be a long-lasting product,” explains his American branch.

Launched in November, the NES Mini was one of the most unexpected successes of Christmas. Initial stocks were almost entirely sold pre-order in the summer. Replenishments in stores were dropped, while prices soared at resale sites. “As soon as we have stock, everything goes within 10 minutes on our site I have never been able to put a copy in shelves so the demand is strong, ” explained in December to the Figaro Olivier Garcia, Gaming director of Fnac. In total, the NES Mini has sold 1.2 million copies worldwide, including nearly 100,000 pieces in France.

Marketed 60 euros with 30 games, this pocket console[Twitter]" target="">allows replay to classic 1980s on today’s televisions. Exit the old scart cable, replaced by a HDMI cord compatible with all flat screens. The NES Mini also allows to save at any time its part, impossible thing 30 years ago …

Nostalgic Wave

Thanks to its small price and its retro design, this console has attracted a much wider audience than gamers . Most buyers have been people over the age of 35, eager to plunge back into their childhood memories. Many wished to show their own children the video games that have them small amused. This nostalgic wave took Nintendo short. The Japanese has always considered the NES Mini as a seasonal product for its oldest fans. He had to urgently restart the production of the machine in order to satisfy the greatest number during the Christmas period.

A longer marketing of this machine has never been considered. And for good reason: Nintendo has a much more important console on which it concentrates all its efforts, the Switch . Launched on 3 March for 300 euros, this hybrid machine beats all records. In the United States, the Switch sold 906,000 copies in the month , the best start of a Nintendo console in the country. The Switch also signed the best launch of a video game console in France , with 105,000 pieces sold in a weekend. According to analysts, the Switch passed at least 2.3 million units in the world in March, a score higher than Nintendo’s goals.

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