Michael Mantenuto: Actor Found Dead At 35

Michael Mantenuto:  Actor Found Dead At 35

LOS ANGELES – Actor Michael Mantenuto killed himself Monday in Washington State.

As reported TMZ, Mantenuto, who played Jack O’Callahan in Disney’s “Miracle” was found dead in his car by police in Des Moines, WA.

The coroner tells the gossip site that Michael died from a self inflicted gunshot wound.

A former University of Maine hockey player, Michael landed the role in the Disney flick about the 1980 U.S. Olympic hockey team. He only acted in 2 other movies, and went on to enlist in the army … and joined the Special Forces.

michael mantenuto actor dead at 35
michael mantenuto actor dead at 35

Col. Guillaume Beaurpere, commander of Mantenuto’s army unit, announced his death.

“Those of you that knew Mike will remember him for his passionate love for his family and his commitment to the health of the force,” according to a press release announcing his death.

Fans are invited to share condolences for Michael Mantenuto in a Guest Book.

Mantenuto is survived by his wife Kati Vienneau, daughter Ava, and son Leo. His parents Joseph and Kerry Mantenuto live in Massachusetts.

He was 35.

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10 thoughts on “Michael Mantenuto: Actor Found Dead At 35

  1. Everyone is assuming he was on drugs. This young man is a U.S Veteran. He could of have had PTSD. Our Vets also need help! Thank you for your service, sir. RIP.

  2. He was an amazing friend, coach and mentor. He served the youth hockey community with as much passion as he served his country in Army Special Forces. His life and memory will always be a blessing that will carry on

  3. e served with a special forces unit. That probably means he has seen some real evil in this world we live in. Thank you for your service. May you rest in the wings of the angels tonight and fly with them In the morning

  4. So I love how the article initially states that he was in a Disney movie when the guy was actually a veteran and probably had issues that got thrown to the wayside and no one addressed them. As a prior military wife because my husband is retired this really pisses me off. Screw Disney this is about a military veteran who probably needed help.

  5. God knew his heart. Makes my heart hurt so bad that depression is so rampant in young kids lives. I wish he felt like he had another way out then that very very sad God bless his family Rest in Peace Angel

  6. How sad a beautiful young life gone, he and he alone poor lovely young man knew what truly troubled him and pushed him to act in this way, I hope everyone has respect for his devastated family and doesn’t start speculating on why, when, how, we don’t know and will never know the real reason/s my prayers go out him and his beloved family RIP Michael

  7. I wonder if it is connected to his military service in some way. Suicide rates among both active, and former, service members are much higher than the rest of society. No mention of any overseas deployments or if he had seen any combat. I’m sure more details will start to emerge that will maybe shed some light on why he decided to take his own life. Very sad news.

  8. way to many these days….our world is out of control and it is affecting our young people…no boundaries…no future…no hope…we need to get all these things back to our kids…Seattle streets lined with the youth all living in tents…drugs… no jobs…the last 8 yrs have cause great devastation of kids..and families…we have to fix this..we are losing our country and our future..

  9. RIP …. For those people who are sicked , afraid n cant handle their lives to d best they can …. they think they are just nuisances so taking their own life is best …. but we all know it’s against God command but ….we cant know really what’s one wanted in life …? Lets just pray that God grants him pardon for his soul !

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