Man Who Posed As Justin Bieber Charged With Pedophilia

Man Who Posed As Justin Bieber Charged With Pedophilia

A 40-year-old who posed as Canadian pop star Justin Bieber to incite young fans to send him explicit photos was charged Thursday with more than 900 acts of pedophiles, the police said.

The 42-year-old man is accused of using platforms like Facebook or Skype where he claimed to be the singer in order to attract young victims.

“Police are investigating a man suspected of posing as Justin on the Internet in order to obtain explicit images of young children,” Queensland State Police said in a statement.

“In the course of this investigation, the man had already been charged with a number of offenses relating to sexual abuse of children, including possession of pedophile material,” the text added. “After thoroughly examining his computer, he was charged with 931 additional counts of sexual abuse of children.”

He is particularly suspected of rape, indecent treatment of children, production of pedophile material and having used the Internet to attract minors under 16 years.

Bieber is extremely popular after young people and his fans are described as an army of “Beliebers” (pun which can be translated as “those who believe in Bieber”).

Inspector Jon Rouse spoke of an “appalling” case and called on fans to redouble vigilance on the internet.

“This survey illustrates both the vulnerability of children who use social networks and the skills of pedophiles, their international reach, to attract and seduce their victims,” ​​he said.

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