Julia makes debut on Sesame Street

Julia  makes debut on Sesame Street

She has red hair, large green eyes and reads the New York Times. Julia, four years old, loves to sing. Besides, she holds the lyrics much faster than her friends. There is one thing that she bears very badly: noises, very strong, like sirens, which put her in all her states. Julia is autistic. New character of the American program Sesame street , which exists since 1969 (!), It will be on the small screens from April 10, 2017.

Educational inclusion process

Julia, who already existed in books, will see her role intensified with her integration in the program as a permanent character. Broadcasted in 120 countries , Sesame Street today welcomes the puppet with a new objective: to show that people with autistic disorders have many qualities. The American production company wants to be part of a pedagogical approach.

Working with Families

At Fox News, the Vice President of Sesame Workshop explained that the team worked for several years in collaboration with associations, experts and families affected by autism to create a credible, realistic character. The puppeteer who doubles Julie is also the mother of an autistic boy. In the United States, one in 68 children is diagnosed with autism.

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