Jacob Staudenmaier’s Prom-Posal To Emma Stone Goes Viral

Jacob Staudenmaier’s Prom-Posal To Emma Stone Goes Viral

Jacob Staudenmaier recreated the iconic opening scene of La La Land to ask Oscar-winning actress Emma Stone to prom. The Arcadia High School student and Arizona native can be seen singing reimagined lyrics of the film’s song “Another Day of Sun” as his friends dance alongside parked cars in the elaborate promposal.

“I saw La La Land and loved it a lot,” the 17-year-old filmmaker told ABC News. “It was one of my favorite films and I’ve always liked Emma Stone as an actor and I guess that spawned the idea of maybe asking her to the prom.”

The teenager who studied at Arcadia High School in Scottsdale, Arizona said he had rewritten the lyrics himself. He was helped by some friends for video and editing according to his own description on his youtube account.

The promotional ball where Emma Stone is invited will take place on April 29th. The interpreter who is not present on the social networks did not indicate whether she accepted the invitation. Meanwhile, hope keeps alive.

“Whether she says yes or no I think just a response in general would be amazing, but I guess if she did say yes then that would be the best outcome possible,” he told ABC News. “But either way I’ve enjoyed everything that’s happened so far.”

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