Gordon Ramsay Was Slammed On Twitter For Scathing Food Review

Gordon Ramsay  Was Slammed On Twitter For Scathing Food Review

Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay is feeling the wrath of twitter this week after he delivered another one of his scathing reviews of a Twitter dish.

The food photo in question came from user Rameez, who asked the celebrity chef to “rate” his latest meal — a traditional Indian dish of “medu vada sambar and nariyal chutney”. Though he was expecting nothing less than one of Ramsay’s brutally honest comments, many other users weren’t quite ready for the reality TV star’s honest review.

Ramsey replied:

Then twitter got all uppity as usual.

Another added, “Watch out man, that’s everyday food for half of southern India!”

While someone else simply put, “Gordon Ramsay is a twit.”

The dish’s original cook, however, has come out to defend the chef’s remark, calling other users out for being “too sensitive.” “I was expecting it. Anyone who’s spent enough time on the internet knows what they’re in for when they send him a food picture. I wanted a hilarious response and I got it,” Rameez told DNA India. “People are getting too sensitive about it.”

Some twitter users came to the ‘Hells Kitchen’ hosts defense, pointing out that the chef was merely referring to the way the dish was presented. “Think he was referring to the plate & presentation.”

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