Eurovision 2017 Winner: Portugal wins

Eurovision 2017 Winner: Portugal wins

Portugal won the Eurovision 2017. This country had never won the European Song Contest. Singer Salvador Sobral, 27, with his title “Amar Pelos Dois” won all points this Saturday night in Kiev, Ukraine. The French representative Alma, of Lyon origin, finished in 12th place of the classification.

00h38 : France finishes this contest in 12th place with 135 points. On the second place of the podium Bulgaria. Moldova finished third. At the foot of the podium, Belgium.
00h35: Portugal wins Eurovision for the first time. The country pocketed 758 points.

00h33: Belgium with Blanche goes back to second place.

00h29 : It goes back to Alma. But that will not be enough to hope for a place on the podium. Amir finished 6th last year.

00h23: it’s time for the vote. Everything can tip! It should be remembered that Portugal has never won Eurovision.

00:15: it seems good for the Eurovision 2018 to be organized in Lisbon! Salvador Sobral is unanimous.

00:02: Elodie Gossuin pushed the song like last year!

00h01: France gave twelve points for Portugal.

23h57: Alma has only 23 points. Portugal has 122 votes after the vote of 13 out of 42 countries.

23h51: It starts very strong for Portugal! The candidate is in the lead. The first points for France were obtained thanks to Israel.

23:45: the votes are now closed! Elodie Gossuin, Miss France 2001, in duplex, is in charge of assigning the points for France.

23h44: oups, during the performance of Jamala, a spectator rises on stage and shows his buttocks …

23:40: Jamala, the Ukrainian singer, winner of the edition last year returns on stage for Eurovision 2017.

23h07: and here is France closed the competition. All the candidates sang in this final of Eurovision 2017! Now place the traditional (and endless) voice count: D

23h03 : Alma, la Lyonnaise, arrives on stage with her title Requiem .

2h59: it is the turn of Bulgaria and just after France!

22h57: Stéphane Bern goes there with his little reflection. For him, the Swede is not a priori not the most sympathetic of the participants in this final.

22h54 : Belgian candidate Blanche is one of the youngest of the competition. She is only 17 years old. The singer Amir appreciates her very much and supports her in her career.

22:46: Another five performances before French candidate Alma, outsider of the competition.

22:40: the mix of yodel and rap by the Romanian duo, successful or not? We leave you to judge 😉

22:35: Internet users on social networks are still amused with the similarities of the candidates. A hat from Marc Veyrat for the Norwegian candidate and the return of the Daft Punk for his musicians or even looks like Rafael Nadal for the Australian candidate. Was there not an air of Julien Doré on the side of the Spanish candidate? 😉

22:11: some see a resemblance. The Croatian candidate is compared to actor John Bradley-West, aka Sam in Game of Thrones .

19h: Among the big favorites of the television show with 200 million viewers: the energetic Italian accompanied by a false gorilla and the Portuguese crooner with the fragile voice.

18h31: Ukraine won the right to organize the event after the victory of its protégé Jamala last year in Sweden. She had performed a ballad about the persecution suffered by the Crimean Tatars during the Soviet era. This victory irritated Russia, which annexed in March 2014 the Ukrainian peninsula Crimea after a controversial referendum of attachment. The Kremlin denounced the politicization of Eurovision. And the scandal continued after the Russian representative, Yulia Samoyavva, who is traveling in a wheelchair, was banned from entering Ukraine for three years. The Ukrainian authorities intend to punish the young woman for a concert given in June 2015 in Crimea annexed.

Eurovision 2017 Winner
Eurovision 2017 Winner

18:18: Alma, 28, from Lyon, French candidate in the competition, will be in last position after 11 pm.

18h04 : Tonight the Eurovision contest, broadcast on France 2, will be commented by a trio: as last year Marianne James and Stéphane Bern will be in the party but they will be accompanied, to follow the passage of the candidates by the Singer Amir, French representative of the 2016 edition who finished sixth.

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