Emma Watson, Mischa Barton and Amanda Seyfried Latest To Have Private Photos Hacked

Actresses Emma Watson , Mischa Barton and Amanda Seyfried are taking legal action against the hacker who stole private images and videos of the stars.

Britain’s Emma Watson, star of the new Disney ” Beauty and the Beast “, plans to sue after the internet broadcast of dozens of pirated pictures on which she is seen trying clothes.

These images, which go back to a fitting session with a stylist that took place several years ago, “are not naked.” Lawyers were informed, “said his spokesman, Luke Windsor, questioned by AFP .

According to several media outlets, these images have been broadcast on the ” dark web “, an encrypted part of the internet that is only accessible to specialized users.

This incident follows a controversy aroused in recent weeks by a photo published by Vanity Fair magazine where the 26-year-old actress partially reveals her breasts . Some felt that these sexy photos betray Emma Watson’s feminist positions.

In 2014, after a speech on gender equality , the star of the saga ” Harry Potter ” had received the threat, not followed, of seeing pictures of her nude broadcast on the internet.

“I knew it was a poison, that such images did not exist,” she assured the following year. “From the minute I started taking a stand and talking about women’s rights, I was threatened,” she added.

On Wednesday (March 15th), British actress Mischa Barton also told a press conference that she was prosecuted after being subjected to “pornographic revenge” with the broadcast and offer for sale Against her will of photos and videos of her sexually.

Reading a statement at her lawyer’s office in the suburbs of Los Angeles , she explained that someone she trusted had filmed “her most private and private moments” with hidden cameras.

“I express myself publicly to combat this phenomenon, not only for myself but for all other women. I want to spare them the pain and humiliation I have endured,” she added.

Her lawyer Lisa Bloom said a past romantic relationship of the actress had tried to sell the cassette for 466,000 euros and that potential buyers could be sued. A police investigation is underway.



The celebrity information site TMZ also said on Wednesday ( March 15th) that actress Amanda Seyfried will also sue a website that has published pictures of them bare , including some taken during sex with her former boyfriend. This site displays many intimate photos and videos of celebrities, presumably stolen.

Jennifer Lawrence, Rihanna and the Celebgate of 2014

Last month, a 29-year-old Chicago resident was sentenced to 9 months in prison for hijacking celebrity digital accounts, including Jennifer Lawrence , on the Apple iCloud online storage system .

Dozens of naked images of stars, including Rihanna , Kate Upton and Kirsten Dunst , were then posted online in 2014 .

Piracy of personal photos or pornographic revenge is an increasingly widespread form of sexual assault that also affects many anonymous women in a sometimes unclear legal framework.

In the antipodes of Hollywood , women belonging to the US Army Corps were also victims of intimate web trafficking, often accompanied by dirty comments.

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