Donald Trump Defends Bill O’Reilly Amid Sexual Harassment Claims

Donald Trump Defends Bill O’Reilly Amid Sexual Harassment Claims

Trump defends journalist accused of sexual harassment

US President Donald Trump defended Bill O’Reilly, a featured Fox News star who was accused of sexual harassment by several women, saying he was “a good person.”

Many advertisers have decided to stop buying advertising space on The O’Reilly Factor , which is extremely popular in the United States after the New York Times revelations about three new cases of alleged sexual harassment against the presenter, In addition to two cases already known.

Questioned by the daily on this case concerning the 67-year-old conservative editorialist, who disputes the facts, Donald Trump came to his rescue.

“I do not think Bill has done anything wrong,” he said. “He is someone I know well, is a good person,” he added.

“Personally, I think he should not have entered into any agreements,” said the president in his 70s. According to the New York Times , Bill O’Reilly and Fox News reportedly contributed $ 13 million to the five women in exchange for their silence and the renunciation of prosecution against the featured columnist.

During the campaign, Mr. Trump had already defended another Fox News central figure, Roger Ailes, his then CEO, who is also accused of sexual harassment .

Roger Ailes, 76, who created Fox News from scratch in 1996 at the request of Rupert Murdoch, boss of the News Corp media group, was forced to resign in July 2016.

Despite arriving in the television landscape long after CNN, the Conservatives’ continued high-profile news channel has taken the lead in the hearings, which it still retains today.

In the midst of the election campaign, a 2005 video in which Donald Trump was making extremely vulgar and degrading remarks about women had shocked him. After the revelation of this document, a dozen women had publicly accused the Republican candidate of inappropriate behavior, some constitutive, if corroborated, of sexual assault. The latter has always contested these accusations.

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