Dani Mathers facing jail for snapchat photo in locker room

Dani Mathers facing jail for snapchat photo in locker room

LONDON (EON) – Model Dani Mathers had photographed an older woman naked in her fitness studio and placed the picture to her amusement at Snapchat. Now the trial is to start against the former playmate.

A few months ago Dani Mathers sectretly took a nude photo of an eldery woman from her gym and posted it on Snapchat. The image not only caused a wave of indignation on the Internet for weeks and destroyed the career of the model but has now moved to the courts.

The accusation of publicly body shaming has also been used by police, prosecutors and courts . The judicial authorities have so far refused to allow the defendants to discontinue the case of bodily shaming.

On Monday, 30-year-old Mathers failed to prevent a public trial at a hearing before a Los Angeles City Court. It may have been the last attempt. The prosecutor’s office and the defense do not appear to be able to reach an agreement.

Six months imprisonment possible

Judge Gustavo Sztraicher now wants to start the trial on 26 May. Mathers must then be responsible for “a violation of privacy” and “illegal distribution of intimate photos” before a jury. In the case of a conviction, they are threatened with a maximum of six months’ imprisonment and a fine of 1000 dollars.

“The law of privacy violations is spongy and not clear enough to accuse someone,” Mathers lawyer, Dana Cole, had argued in court. In this case, the defendant appealed for an amendment to the regulation after the “victim had to be identifiable”. Something that would not be true in this case. “The photo was taken from a greater distance, and the person on it is not clearly recognizable.”

Was the account of the model hacked?

The accusation rejected the argument as juridical subtleties and “illogical”. It continues to demand “the full severity of the law” against Mathers to deter possible imitators.

udge Sztraicher followed the argumentation of the prosecution and rejected a cessation of the proceedings. A decision that could also be influenced by two tweets that were popping up under Mathers Twitter names this month.

The “Playboy” model writes that she has never made fun of another person’s body and will not do so in the future. She made the gossip press responsible for the current allegations. It is unclear whether Dani Mathers really wrote this or whether her account was hacked.

The photo from the dressing room of a fitness studio in Los Angeles, which is in the current charge, however, contradicts the innocence assurances of Mathers on Twitter . It is a composite Selfie, which shows beside the model, a now 71 year old, naked woman under the shower. This picture had the “Playboy” -miss in May 2014 for their fans on Snapchat posed and mocked: “If I do not get that out of my head, you can not.”

No more jobs for the model

Many, however, were not able to enjoy it. In the social media Mathers was accused of body shamings. “Dani, you have a black soul,” a woman rebelled on Twitter. “Youth does not last forever, integrity already”, another.

Under the hashtag “ArrestDaniMathers” many demanded the capture of the naked model. Mathers then withdrew completely from the public. She did not get jobs as a model anymore, and the job in a radiosend in Los Angeles as well as her membership in the fitness club were denounced.

The Shitstorm also attracted investigations into the police. The victim was found a few days later, but the name has not yet been published. The 71-year-old now wants to testify in court. In a civil case, she also claims compensation for the public disclosure of her person. Experts believe that they could get a million dollars.

“You have a black soul”

Dani Mathers himself has publicly apologized several times since the incident, but apparently never with her victim. “She has not approached her directly or through her lawyer,” said the prosecutor’s office, Mike Feuer, after a hearing in February. “She does not show remorse.” Body shaming, according to the accusation, is humiliating for the victim and often leads to emotional long-term consequences. Victims would be ridiculed, stigmatized, and lost their respect for themselves. The prosecutor’s office refused to stop the trial or to apologize.

An attitude that Mathers lawyers do not want to accept. They call the rejection to an “out-of-court agreement pathetic”. Mathers is ready to do social services, make a therapy of cyber-bullying and educate in schools about body shaming, offered their lawyers. The fact that it is now to come to a process, they call a “waste of tax money”.

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3 thoughts on “Dani Mathers facing jail for snapchat photo in locker room

  1. The real sadness about this for the photographed woman is she will never get over the invasion of her privacy. When it comes down to it Dani Mathers is a bully and no doubt was mean girl at school and carried it through into adulthood. I pity Dani for having such a heart.

  2. She is a nasty bitch. Who picks on and makes fun of 70 year old women?! How would she feel if someone did that to her Mother or Grandmother? She should be ashamed of her self and I hope she gets 6 months in prison. What a nasty human being.

  3. She better be convicted, it was stupid of her to do that , I don’t think that she should get away with it .ppl think that they could do what they want and get away with it ,what makes them special from us ,is it Cuz we are not models, actors ,singers, the judge that is a sign to her case better not be to soft on her

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