Chip Gaines Of HGTV’s ‘Fixer Upper’ Sued For $1-Million

Chip Gaines Of HGTV’s ‘Fixer Upper’ Sued For $1-Million

WACO, TexasHGTV star Chip Gaines has taken to social media to talk about a lawsuit filed against him by his former business partners.

Gaines is being sued in state court in Texas for $1 million by his former partners in a real estate company alleging Gaines had duped them into selling their shares in Magnolia for the paltry sum of $2,500 just days before announcing the show in 2013, knowing that the value of the company would soon take off after his reality program with wife Joanna Gaines hit the air.

According to the suit, the text read:

“I don’t come from the nerdy prep school he’s from. And when people talk to me that way they get their asses kicked,” . “And if he’s not ready to do that he better shut his mouth. I’m not the toughest guy there is, but I can assure you that would not end well for [R]ick.”

Gaines spoke out on Twitter Saturday, writing that no one called or emailed him about the issue, adding “‘friends’ reach out via lawsuit.. humm.” He also added a bible quote, “The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.”

Gaines’ attorney told Fox News:

“We are confident that these claims will be found to be meritless, and it is disappointing to see people try to take advantage of the hard work and success of Chip and Joanna Gaines.”

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4 thoughts on “Chip Gaines Of HGTV’s ‘Fixer Upper’ Sued For $1-Million

  1. They’ve literally had all this time to come forward… people need to build their own carriages before trying to hitch a ride to someone else’s…

  2. Why is thier so many stories coming out on this couple.? Is someone trying to take them down.? Just weird. Keep your heads up love the show. Keep doing what your doing.

  3. Its said how people are so jealous of others, why cant anyone be happy for someone else these days? Everyone thinks they’re entitled.

  4. They didn’t have to sell they chose to. Chip doesn’t have to disclose his future plans with his other businesses bc that’s his business not theirs. If a “threatening” text, that you didn’t see the first text to so it’s out of context, can scare you into selling your business you have no business running a business.

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