Carrie Fisher Will Be In Episode IX

Carrie Fisher Will Be In Episode IX

Carrie Fisher Episode IX Is Happening!


Princess Leïa will not only be part of the casting of the 8th installment of the saga, next December, but also of that of Episode 9.

It was not known if Princess Leïa would be present in Star Wars 9. The actress who incarnated her, Carrie Fisher, unfortunately died in December 2016.


But fans of the intergalactic saga can be reassured. The Princess Leia has not finished fighting the dark side.

Todd Fisher, the son of the actress, told the New York Daily News : “I think her presence now is even more powerful than she was, like Obi Wan. continue.”

No synthetic images

Disney and Lucasfilm have confirmed that Carrie Fisher would not be reconstituted in synthetic images, ensures 20 minutes .

Production will therefore have to use existing images of the artist. We know that Carrie Fisher had already shot the scenes of Star Wars 8 before his death.

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