Bruce Hampton Dies on Stage On His 70th Birthday VIDEO

Bruce Hampton Dies on Stage On His 70th Birthday VIDEO

Atlanta (EON) – His name might not ring a bell to must of us here in Canada, but in the United States, Bruce Hampton is a monument to music. Ncknamed ” the grandfather of the jam scene ” was a highly respected figure of rock fusion called a ” surrealist musician “. If we talk about the past, it is because this artist from Atlanta, in the south of the country, lost his life. And he died in dramatic circumstances.

His agent, Micah Davidson of Midwood Entertainment, confirmed to CNN that the musician died. He gave no further details.

On May 1st, to celebrate his 70th birthday, the artist organized a big concert during which he had to play with his musician friends. As the oxen swung in, Bruce Hampton suddenly bent in two and collapsed in front of his guitarist, who did not immediately realize the urgency of the situation, as shown in the video below:

Rushing to the hospital, Bruce Hampton did not survive this fierce heart attack. A renowned musician, he also appeared on the big screen and in the role of a manager in Billy Bob Thornton’s film, Sling Blade.

Warren Haynes, the Allman Brothers Band guitarist who was on stage performing with Hampton, posted a statement Tuesday on his official Facebook page asking for privacy for Hampton’s loved ones.

“After collapsing on stage surrounded by his friends, family, fans and the people he loved, Col. Bruce Hampton has passed away,” the statement said. “The family is asking for respect and privacy at this difficult time.”

He was born in Tennessee and grew up in Atlanta, according to a biography on the website of Terminus Records, which has released several of his albums.

Mr. Hampton’s survivors include his wife, Sara, and a brother, Jim.

Bruce Hampton dies
Bruce Hampton dies

“He taught me how to be weird,” James Forrest Hampton III, who identified himself as Mr. Hampton’s nephew, wrote in a message posted on Facebook, “and how weird was good.”

Many of Mr. Hampton’s associates also noted the seemingly appropriate end to his life.

“Bruce was the only person I could think of who has ever played at his own funeral, because in essence, that’s what he did,” Scott McKinney, a bluegrass musician known professionally as Fudd who said that he had known Mr. Hampton more than 20 years, said in a telephone interview. “Bruce couldn’t script it any better.”

No funeral arrangements have been announced.

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4 thoughts on “Bruce Hampton Dies on Stage On His 70th Birthday VIDEO

  1. For a band to not know this guys habits and to keep playing. I’ll bet he never in his career laid out on a floor. Those were precious minutes that might have saved him

  2. I googled him, still don’t know him but holy crap this is sad. Sad and SO disturbing you’d post this vide

  3. All you people talking about it’s so disrespectful to show this video.. Where is this type of disgust when stations are showing bombings and chemical weapon attacks is Syria and other places.. And they’re showing all the men women and children dead all around?? But you’re disgusted by THIS video… Smmfh… Don’t get me wrong.. This is tragic and very sad but it just kinda pisses me off that I’ve seen more people bitching about this video being posted than any of the horrific bombings and other stuff going on in other parts of the world.

  4. Most likely went out like he wanted too from looking at the video he felt something happing and he was calling the guitarist up to play his solo and in entertainment the show must go on. #RIP to him and condolences to his family

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