Beyoncé Instagram Posts Are Worth How Much?

Beyoncé Instagram Posts Are Worth How Much?

What is rare is expensive. Beyoncé’s posts on social networks are rare, so they are virtually very expensive. Taking into account several factors, such as the number of subscribers (on Instagram / Twitter / Facebook), the scope of its publications, commitment and click-through rate, the singer is currently the personality The most influential on Instagram concludes from D’Analytics .

And if he wanted to negotiate a publication for advertisers in exchange for a check, Beyoncé could make a nice bundle of money: in theory only, a post of Queen B. would be worth … 1 million dollars (Approximately 940,000 euros). That’s double a certain Kim Kardashian.

Less is more

Beyoncé rarely publishes posts for commercial purposes (she did it for Pepsi a few years ago, she now seems to favor the promotion of her brand, Ivy Park ). The singer prefers to share more personal moments with her daughter, Blue Ivy, or her husband Jay Z … But it works. It will be remembered that the cliché that she published to announce her double pregnancy broke records of likes: posted on 1 February, it shows more than 10.8 million today!

His partially exclusive content causes each time a frenzy with his fans , says Frank Spadafora, CEO of D’Marie MoneyishThese days, less really is more (less is more). ” Selena Gomez , the most trained person on Instagram (she has 116 million followers, Beyoncé only has 98 million), is not to be outdone: each of her posts would be worth 775,000 dollars.

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